Express Yourself With Pastel is Katchen’s 17th published book. 
Her total book sales are over 1 million copies.

Katchen was one of the originators of the annual Garvan Gardens paint-out.  The event hosts 15-25 artists from around the United States for the plein aire event and traveling exhibition.

Katchen’s whimsical drawings of women are seen in all of the art for the play Menopause the Musical.

Shortly after 2000 Katchen began to produce bronze sculptures of the chefs and society figure that people her paintings.

The Canadian company Art in Motion licensed several of the artist’s paintings for products and prints that have been sold in 32 countries.

Katchen has returned to television production with the new children’s show about classical music called Symphony Sam ™ .

Link to the Symphony Sam site here.

Katchen traveled to Asia last September for 2 weeks in Taiwan and 2 weeks in China. Welcomed as a celebrity, the artist appeared on television and in newspapers with local mayors. She was invited to paint the Taiwanese National Opera, aboriginal dancers and Asian housewives. She lectured at the University of Shanghai and demonstrated pastel painting at a national trade show.  She will return to Taiwan next December for 3 exhibits of her work.  Here she is with a class at shanghai University.
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