In 1980 an investor sent Katchen to Nigeria for 6 weeks.  While there she sketched subjects for a suite of etchings.

Beauty Shop” is one of the prints from Nigeria:A Suite of 10 Etchings.  This etching was hand-pulled from 2 colored plates by master printmaker Betsy Margolius and then hand-colored by the artist.

Around this time she began to paint the first of her large, commissioned oil paintings.

In the early 1980s Colorado was a booming energy center.  A petroleum engineer sent Katchen to an oil rig to capture the essence of the industry.

“Roughneck” was one of the finished oil rig images, all purchased by petroleum companies.  This is a monoprint with pastel.

By the mid-80s she had moved to Los Angeles and began to focus on pastel painting.

She began to receive national recognition for her pastel paintings.  In 1985 The Artist’s Magazine, a national publication with a circulation of 250,000, featured one of Katchen’s paintings on the cover.

By the end of the 80s Katchen had 6 published books.  Planning Your Paintings Step-by-Step is shown here in the Dutch edition.  Her books have also been translated into French and Chinese.

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     Carole Katchen - Artist and Writer - Hot Springs, Arkansas - Denver, Colorado