Area artists selected for Trump art collection

 BY JOHN LOVETT The Sentinel-Record

 Donald Trump has said "you’re hired" to Art-Exchange. com, and
 three local artists are among the 40 chosen to be represented in the
 Donald Trump Art Collection Gallery.
 Lisa and D. Arthur Wilson and Carole Katchen were selected from
 thousands of artists this summer for inclusion in the collection.
 "The Donald has always been a fan of art and wants to offer good
 art to his clients," said Richard Gipe, president of
 "I really don’t know where this will lead, but we’re excited about
 it." What this means for the Wilsons, Katchen and the other
 selected artists with Art-Exchange is a major connection to big-time
 art buyers in Trump’s residential real estate markets and his
 Lexington Furniture line. Art-Exchange also recently bought Timothy’s
 Fine Art and Custom Frame in San Clemente, Calif., which will add 40
 jobs to the Hot Springs area. The 24-year-old company’s name will be
 kept, and for Gipe, hopefully all of its 3,000 designer contacts.
 Almost all of the artists Gipe suggested for the Trump Collection
 were accepted. Katchen’s piece "The Eyes Have It" is expected to be
 used as illustration on the Trump Art Collection Web site at
 http://www. The site will be "unveiled" during
 the holiday season.

 Katchen’s "The Eyes Have It" is one of the illustrations she
 created for the Trump Art Collection promotional catalogue. "I
 felt like I was on ‘The Apprentice’ waiting to find out if they were
 going to say ‘You’re Fired’ or ‘You’re Hired,’" Katchen jokes. "It
 turned out that they loved the illustrations and chose two of them. In
 addition, they will be including several of my paintings in the Trump

 The Trump connection was set in motion last March at Art Expo in
 New York City when Gipe first met the representatives from the Trump
 organization and Holoma Inc. Richard and Beth Gipe have attended the
 large exposition every year since 2000.

 After a tedious selection process this year, all four of the
 Wilsons’ definitive styles of art were selected: The "wild
 expressionism" of D. Arthur; Lisa’s abstract expressionism; their
 figurative collaborations such as the portrait of Louis Moreau
 Gottschalk used by Naxos Records for the recent Hot Springs Music
 Festival release; and D. Arthur’s whimsical "Rhupert" the ostrich
 character, which he has used in a series of children’s books.
 One of Lisa’s pieces, "Sonatina," was used in Trump’s inaugural
 premier along with his furniture line last June in Dallas.
 "It was so exciting but we couldn’t tell anyone," Lisa said. "A ll
 the contracts hadn’t been signed yet."

 The couple signed with Trump to produce limited edition prints of
 almost 40 pieces and will have four separate galleries within the
 online gallery.