Searching now for painting subjects rather than magazine articles, Katchen’s first painting trip was a hitchhiking adventure across Africa with photographer Ed Klamm.  The trip resulted in her first solo exhibit at a professional gallery, Denver Art Galleries in 1971.

Many of her early works were graphics--- drawings and prints--- praised for their strong sense of design.  Here she is seen pulling a large woodblock print.

From the beginning Katchen’s favorite painting subjects were people.  In the 70s she got permission to draw and paint during rehearsals of The Denver Symphony Orchestra.  Here she is with guest conductor Mitch Miller.

Katchen’s second hitchhiking/painting trip was along the Pan American Highway from Mexico to Peru.  Here she is sketching in the mountains of Colombia.

Living and painting in Colorado, Katchen was surrounded by artists painting mountains, aspen trees and Indians.  She continued to choose her own unique subjects and to paint in the tradition of the German Expressionists.

“Banjo Man”  Collage   30" x 24"

Here Katchen appears as a guest on The Denver Now television show with Beverly Martinez.

By the mid-70s Katchen was completely supporting herself with her painting and writing about art.  Here she is at a solo exhibit at Turkey Creek Gallery outside Denver.

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     Carole Katchen - Artist and Writer - Hot Springs, Arkansas - Denver, Colorado